About us

Tradition and Ecology

The swim instructor Marga Jenner created the first Schlori Swim-Cushion in 1936 in Berlin.
She taught exclusively her own tried and true method and initially used the cushions only with her own students. Marga Jenner was pleased with her invention, not just because it worked perfectly, but because it was solely made of natural materials. Initially no German or European safety or ecology norms, no seals and awards like “Öko-Test” or safbaby.com. existed. She foresaw that plastics could be harmful. For decades the cushions have been manufactured in a small family owned company in Germany.

Schlori Swim Cushions are unique and loved by all who know them. Marga Jenners descendents still invent and develop new swim-products today in their own design, specially made for children. Lots of attention is paid to the use of skin and environmentally friendly materials. EVA-foam, used to make Schlori-Frogs and Schlori Swimboards, is free of Phthalates (very harmful softeners). It is in accordance with the European REACH degree and passed the PAK-Test by the German Technical Supervision TÜV Rheinland. (PAK = Phthalates/softeners) results: “Faultless”.

SCHLORI means: SCHwimmen Lernen Ohne RIsiko
(learning to swim without risk)

Marga Jenner, known as the inventor of the Schlori Swim-Cushions, was loved by all her pupils. Recognized as a qualified
swim instructor, certified by the German government, she won innumerable swim awards in championships.
She was honored with the “membership badge with oak-wreath in gold” for her 40 year long membership of the DLRG
(Association of German life rescuers)